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Close up image of an oil platform support beams sticking out of the water.
A CAD illustration displaying a cut away of the Fluidol Enerlon Multiple Element Seal.

Enerlon Multiple Element Seal

The TLS Enerlon’s faceless, springless design is an inexpensive alternative to “face seals” and a dramatic upgrade over braided packing or standard oil seals.

Enerlon Features

  • Energized sealing element promotes even loading throughout pressure range and enables sealing elements to follow radial movement of the shaft.
  • The Fluidol ESCHELON PTFE sealing elements are: non-clogging in viscous environments, dry running, available in many materials for various applications, and have excellent chemical resistance.
  • One dynamic component means no moving o-rings, no faces to stick together, no springs to fatigue or clog.
  • Engineered Components can be fitted to equipment with little or no modifications to equipment.
  • Multiple sleeve materials available, including our Ultra hard, heat dissipating Solid Silicon Carbide Sleeve.

Ideal for:

• Mixers • Pumps
• Compressors • Motors
• Hydraulic Pumps • Engines
• Hydraulic Motors • Crankshafts
• Dryers • Screw Pumps
• Gear Boxes • Conveyors
• Blowers • Other Rotating Shafts
The performance and materials chart for the Fluidol Enerlon Multiple Element Seal.

WARNING: Examples of operating applications and properties are typical in the industry. Your application may not be typical. Serious injury or property damage could result from mis-applications. Applications should not be undertaken without independent study and evaluation. Consult FLUIDOL for specific recommendations regarding your application. The performance data expressed in our brochure has been garnered from field tests, in-house tests and/or field reports from customers. While great care was taken in compiling this information, we accept no responsibility for errors in this publication. Our specifications are subject to change without notice.

FLUIDOL is a registered trademark name for mechanical seals, packings, TLS Everseals and other engineered products.