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Pools of cleaned water in an industrial water treatment plant.

Fluidol Style 20 Single Cartridge Seal

The 20 is an Excellent Seal for Mixers, Agitators, Washer Tanks, Ribbon Blenders, Vertical Pump and Vertical Applications on Off-Shore Drilling Platforms.

Because the 20 requires NO stuffing box for installation, the design lends itself to many custom gland configurations and Seal mounting systems.

The Fluidol Style 20 Single Cartridge Mixer Seal performance chart.

Style 20 Features

  • Wide rotary Face design
  • External Seal
  • Compact axial length
  • Stationary design
  • Cartridge seal
  • Single/ double designs

Style 20 Benefits

  • Can withstand .125” T.I.R.,
  • Stuffing Box not required
  • Fits a wide variety of Equipment
  • Minimizes vibration and distortion
  • Easy Installation
  • Services many applications