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Style 08 Seal

The Style 08 seats are designed to be clamped against the stuffing box face. Shims should be used to properly center seat to shaft.

Fluidol offers a full range of stationary seats, including all standard designs, sizes and materials. In addition, Fluidol offers non-standard shapes and sizes as well FEATURES as additional materials including:

Engineer drawing of the Fluidol Style 08 Component Mechanical Stationary Seat Seal. Silicon Carbide
The standard for Fluidol in the majority of applications. Silicon carbide offers the widest range of chemical resistance of any face material readily available today. Additionally, it is extremely hard, giving it excellent abrasion resistance. Silicon carbide also offers the highest heat transfer characteristics essential for effective sealing of high temperature liquids. Available in two grades.

It has two advantages that make it the most commonly used seat material. It is nearly chemically inert and costs substantially less than other materials. Ceramic performs well in many applications. Other materials should be considered for thermally variable service such as hydro-carbon process applications or where elevated temperatures tend to vaporize media.

Tungsten Carbide
Recommended for those hydrocarbon process applications destructive to ceramic materials. With good thermal shock properties, tungsten carbide also transmits heat well, minimizing media vaporization at seal faces. A hard, strong, metallic material, it easily withstands abrasive service.

Product sizing chart of the Fluidol Style 08 Component Mechanical Stationary Seat Seal.