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A large dump truck accepting a load of coal from a loader.

Fluidol Style 9 Seal for Flygt Pumps

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Download our Style 9 OEM Comparison Presentation (.pdf)...
Download our Fluidol-Flygt Cross Over Chart (.pdf)...

The Fluidol Style 09 Seal for Flygt Pumps.

The Fluidol Style 9 Seals for Flygt Pumps provide extensive design and material improvements over the original seals. They also have a much easier method of installation which requires only an Allen Wrench and a little lubricant. The tougher constructed seals not only last much longer but they also cost Dramatically Less.

Fluidol Seals for Upper Position (Oil Lubricated)
Construction: Stainless Steel, Carbon/Tungsten Carbide, Nitrile O-rings “Seal Pictures”

Fluidol Seals for Lower Position (Impeller)
Construction: Stainless Steel, TC/TC, Viton® O-rings “Seal Pictures”