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Picture of a series of Magnalube-G products in various size containers.

Magnalube-G Teflon Grease Lubrication

Magnalube-G deposits a fine protective and lubricating film on the metal that will continue to function even after grease has extruded away. Microparticles of PTFE suspended in Magnalube-G ensures continued performance on equipment operating at high loads and extreme temperatures and provides extended protection against rust in moist environments and won't migrate from hot surfaces. Maintenance downtime periods are reduced or eliminated through the efficiency of this lubricant with no mess or contamination.

A chart displaying the illustrated difference between hydrodynamic lubrication and boundary lubrication.


MAGNALUBE-G is the trade name for a premium line of specialty lubricants. They are designed to lubricate under the mathematical laws of "Hydrodynamic" and "Boundary" lubrication conditions. In either case, both have the common objective to keep the two sliding surfaces separated by lubricating film to reduce friction and wear.

To better understand the function of a lubricant in reducing friction and wear, it is necessary to keep in mind the geometry of a metal surface.

An illustration displaying the magnification of a perceived smooth surface.

figure 2

All metal surfaces, regardless of how smooth they appear to the naked eye, are not really smooth at all. Observing them under a high powered microscope they project a cross section of saw-toothed irregularities, as illustrated in figure 2. These metal surface asperities complicate the laws of hydrodynamics in that they can poke thru an oil film and cause lubrication failure.

Hydrodynamic lubrication occurs when a very thin film of oil separates two sliding surfaces. This happens when a rotating shaft generates an oil-like wedge equal to the loads on the bearing.

The oil wedge, also referred to as "Hydrodynamic Wedge" is a perfect lubrication and is a lubrication engineer's dream. But because hydrodynamic lubrication requires speeds under moderate loads, it is impossible to maintain these two conditions in every application.

A true hydrodynamic fluid wedge can not be maintained under conditions of high loads and slow speeds. Under these conditions an oil film is either squeezed out, due to pressure, or the sliding motion is inadequate to maintain a lubricating film.

An illustration displaying the difficulties with standard high pressure lubricants.

MAGNALUBE-G brand of specialty lubricant is designed to lubricate under conditions where a hydrodynamic fluid film will fail. The boundary lubricant media used are solids of polyamidcarbonyl. The optimum of these extreme pressure boundary lubricants is PTFE & polyurea that can handle 10,000 lbs. per square inch in their pure powder form.

The solids used as a boundary lubricant in MAGNALUBE brand of specialty lubricant form a mechanical barrier that drastically reduces metal contact between opposing surfaces. The petroleum oil performs a dual role. It acts as a carrier for the boundary lubricant and lubricates under the laws of hydrodynamic lubrication.

MAGNALUBE specialty lubricant can be redesigned to a specific job by adding application specific ingredients such as molybdenum disulphide. For clients who are interested please contact us at info@magnalube.com for more information.

If you have a particular requirement you would like to discuss, e-mail or fax our Lubrication Technical Department.

A chart displaying the test results of the Magnalube-G lubricant.


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