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Sunset picture of an airplane positioning itself to land.
An engineering drawing of the Fluidol Rota-Seal.


ROTA~SEAL is an all rubber, self-adjusting, shaft mounted radial lip seal. Its design keeps lubricants within bearing areas while excluding contaminants, ensuring safe and efficient operation.

The Fluidol Rota-Seal Seal Material Selection chart. DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION

ROTA~SEAL incorporates a tough but flexible hinged lip which seals axially against a radial (perpendicular) face. Compression molded of custom elastomers, ROTA~SEAL is highly resilient, fluid resistant and exhibits low wear characteristics.

The Fluidol Rota-Seal Dimensional Information chart. ROTA~SEAL requires no special machining for a tight fit around the shaft and cannot fret or groove expensive shafts like conventional spring loaded oil seals.


ROTA~SEAL can be stretched over shaft obstructions and pressed firmly against the radial face. After the shaft is set in operation, ROTA~SEAL self-adjusts after the first several rotations. Once adjusted, ROTA~SEAL will not "back-off" its position and automatically vents excess grease during regreasing operations.

An United States Navy air powered landing craft sailing at high speed. The US Navy uses the to seal off the lift fans on the LCAC. The Rota~Seal seals out sand, water, salt and dirt to keep these units on duty.

The LCAC hits the beach at maximum speed of over 40 knots with a payload of over 75 tons. If your applications are as difficult as these or as critical to you...Call Fluidol


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