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A photograph showing paper spun around the drying cylinders in a paper production plant.
A CAD illustration of the inside of the Fluidol Wedgee seal.

Wedgee Seal

Seal your Slurries, Abrasive Fluids or Dry Powders.

The WEDGEE can perform up to 500°F with all styles of braided and non-braided pump packing.

The WEDGEE eliminates the clearance gap at the bottom of the pump stuffing box bore and provides a positive interference fit against the shaft to prevent solids from penetrating into the packing. The positive interference fit does not depend on pump pressure to create a seal. Abrasive solids destroy packing and shorten the life.


Virtually no scoring to the shaft. The WEDGEE can eliminate the need for rebuilding stuffing boxes with worn out throat bushings. The WEDGEE prevents packing extrusion.

A positive System. The 2 component parts are split to provide easy installation.

The WEDGEE is gray in color and is manufactured from a filled PTFE which has an additional lubricant. For those preferring a “White” WEDGEE, these are also readily available.

Paper Mill Applications

• Hydropulpers • Liquor Pumps • Stock Pumps • Refiners
• Agitators • Vacuum Pumps • Blenders • Fan Pumps
• River Pumps • Sludge Pumps • White Water Pumps • Evaporators

Power Plant Applications

• Lime Slurry Pumps • Scrubber Pumps • River Pumps • Clinker Grinders
• Dirty Water Pumps