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A display of various Fluidol seals.

Fluidol History

Fluidol began in Columbus, Ohio and was founded by Wayne Catto in June of 1981.

In 1986 Fluidol designed the Sealing System for the US Navy L-Cat Hovercraft’s Lift Fans and Gear Boxes. Almost immediately after this success, Fluidol designed a new series of guns and turret seals for the US Navy and as well as a Cartridge Seal for an unmanned harbour vessel. This was followed by new commercial airline fuel pump seals as well as turbine seals for aircraft engines. Fluidol was transforming into a Seal Design company.

In 1999 Fluidol began manufacturing its own line of innovative Mechanical Seals. In 2001 Fluidol designed and began manufacturing it new Style 42 Multi-Lip Cartridge Seals that featured metal encased sealing units with fully machined Teflon® lip profiles. These Cartridges also utilized Silicon Carbide Wear Sleeves to dissipate heat and extend seal life. This is a completely new approach to sealing many applications in Pumps, Mixers, Centrifuges and other rotary equipment.

Fluidol now has many Private Label Design O.E.M. customers that produce products ranging from Hydraulic Pumps, Process Pumps, Blowers, Mixers as well as those used in the Oil, Gas and Fracking Industries.

We continually strive to introduce new and better sealing materials. These materials have helped us in expanding our Distributor base in the various process industries.

In addition to North America, Fluidol Seals are being used in China and other Asian Markets, Europe, South America.

Our Goal is to design and provide our customers with the best technologies for their applications and to also make them affordable.

Fluidol’s modern facility is located at 2125 S. James Rd., Columbus, OH 43232. PH: 614-239-7811

About Fluidol

Fluidol offers a full service repair center from its location in Columbus, Ohio. We repair and recondition all models of Fluidol Mechanical Seals. Other brands are also repaired.

Free Quotes
We first carefully disassemble and clean your seals using only non-destructive Ultra Sonic and Micro Bead Blasting systems. All seal parts receive a thorough inspection to determine out of tolerance components. All bellows units are pressure tested to ensure complete integrity. We then promptly quote our competitive price and delivery date.

Grinding & Lapping
To assure that pitted or scarred hard seal rings will stay within tolerance, they are first diamond ground on our ultra precision horizontal grinder. Seal rings are then measured and inspected again to print. Aluminum oxide and diamond lapping on large platens provide polished flatness to within two helium light bands.

Seal Assembly/Final Inspection
During final assembly all pressed inserts are vacuum tested to confirm leak free sealing. Seal rings are again checked on our optical flat to be within tolerance. All cartridge seals are completely pressure tested before they are packaged and labeled according to your instructions.