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Picture of an oil processing refinery plant.

Style 91 General Purpose Seal

The style 91 is designed for a wide variety of plant applications. It provides the opportunity for standardization due to interchangability of parts in both Standard and Heavy Duty versions.

The Style 91 has been customer tested to ensure realiability and value.

The Fluidol Style 91 General Purpose Seal chart of performance and materials.

A Valuable Solution for:

  • Pulp and Paper
  • Steel Mills
  • Water and Sewage Treatment
  • Power Generation
  • Food Processing
  • Chemical Processing
  • and many other industries

Style 91 Features & Benefits

An engineer illustration of the Fluidol Style 91 General Purpose Seal.
  • Preassembled Cartridge ~ Reduces installation Errors
  • Narrow, monolithic face design ~ Lowers heat generation providing longer seal life
  • Permanetly attached setting clips ~ Ensures proper installation alignment and facilitates equipment adjustments
  • Stationary Springs ~ Maintains constant face alignments and are product isolated
  • Increased internal clearances ~ Reduces internal clogging and provides for cooler running
  • Tangential flush ~ Keeps sealing area clean
  • Interchangeability of Part ~ Allows for upgrading to Heavy Duty version

An engineer illustration of the Fluidol Style 91 General Purpose Seal.

WARNING: Examples of operating applications and properties are typical in the industry. Your application may not be typical. Serious injury or property damage could result from misapplications. Applications should not be undertaken without independent study and evaluation. Consult FLUIDOL for specific recommendations regarding your application. The performance data expressed in our brochure has been garnered from field tests, in-house tests and/or field reports from customers. While great care was taken in compiling this information, we accept no responsibility for errors in this publication. Our specifications are subject to change without notice.

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