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The numerous pipelines outside of a modern chemical processing plant. A large dump truck accepting a load of coal from a loader. An oil deep sea drilling platform at dusk. The collection pools of processed clean water at a water treatment plant. A large pile of coal shown with a conveyor belt. The drying mechanism, made up of several cylindrical objects in a paper manufacturing plant. A long stretch of paper working its way through a paper manufacturing process. Several small vials for liquid medicine working their way through a pharmaceudical processing plant. The pipelines outside an oil refinery The silhouette of a jet airliner against an early morning sky. An oil refinery lit up with artificial light at night. Close up photograph of large hoses leading into the water from a deep sea oil drilling platform. Numerous large industrial windmills generating electricity. Large cylindrical tanks outside a chemical processing plant. A few of the quality seals available at Fluidol.

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A collection of seals.

The Fluidol Style 47 Quad Lip Cartridge Dry Running Mixer Seal

Fluidol specializes in Rotary Seals for Industrial, Military and Aerospace applications. It's what we do!

Over the years, we have continued to refine our design and manufacturing systems to give our customers what they want... solutions, custom solutions to solve problems with on time delivery of sealing components at the most competitive prices. We offer custom designs, engineering services and technical assistance for your special projects.

Fluidol is a partner, not just another supplier.

Fluidol, founded in Columbus, Ohio in 1981, has over 15,000 square foot of manufacturing, warehousing and sales offices employing a dynamic a team of sealing specialists. Fluidol's strategic location and product mix enables us to effectively supply and service the North and Central American marketplace. Fluidol has Distribution and Agents in South America, Europe and Asia.

The Fluidol Style 47 Quad Lip Cartridge Dry Running Mixer Seal

Now Available

Fluidol Super Pump Seal Configuration, High Pressure Dry Running Capable, Cartridge Seals for Waukesha 5000 Series.

Product Highlight

An engineering illustration of a pump seal with cut-out. Super Pump Seal Comes to the Rescue

The “Super Pump Seal” is a proven configuration of the style 42 series that has:
1) Silicon carbide sleeve
2) Carbon fiber reinforced Teflon® lips
3) Secure-It 0-ring that keeps primary lip engaged

The “Super” name is bold, but it came from a very satisfied user. Super relates to the seal’s capability to run dry indefinitely, tolerate hydraulic shock from line striping with compressed air, and the ability to handle thin to thick liquids.

Click Link for new “Super Pump Seal” Literature.

Fluidol Motion

Picture of the Wedgee Pump Seals. Another Fluidol Innovation: The Wedgee Packing Set

  • Affordable Upgrade
  • Reduces Leakage by 50-70%
  • Extends Packing Life 2-3 Times
  • Sizes Available to Fit Most Pumps
  • Typical lead time is 2-3 weeks

Wedgee Packing Set comes with a two piece Teflon wedge seal and engineered to the application type pre-cut rings of packing. Fits existing stuffing box with no modification. Best results with renewed shaft surface finish.

Link to Wedgee Literature

Link to Wedgee Seal web page